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Deploying Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Click the link to watch the live recorded session: Deploying Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

In this video we will talk through a demo application deployment using an azure kubernetes service, azure CLI, and a demo YAML deployment. If you would like to review in more detail or have suggestions for other implementations please reach out:


  • You will need the Azure CLI before attempting this demo deployment

Video Steps

  1. Activate a Azure Service Principal

  2. Attach the correct RBAC controls to the subscription and resources

  3. Deploy a AKS cluster

  4. Validate connectivity before attempting a deployment

  5. Deploy a sample application to the AKS cluster

  6. Validated application loads successfully

  7. Teardown AKS cluster

  8. Upload code base to public GitHub repository

Here is the material used for deploying this demo.

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